Overview and history of neuroimaging meta-analyses

Laird AR, HBM (2021).

Educational Course - Half Day (4 hours)


15 min lecture + 5 min for questions

Learning outcome

Understanding the role of meta-analyses in neuroimaging and the broad families of methods.

Points to cover

  • Give a brief history of meta-analyses in neuroimaging, including how new methods were developed to suit image-based results and the particular limitations of neuroimaging studies.
  • Explain the main uses of meta-analyses: synthesizing past results, developing new hypotheses, and interpreting novel results.
  • Outline the broad families of methods: coordinate- versus image-based methods, and manual versus automated methods.

Interactive components

  • Start with a poll to ask about participants’ experience performing and using/reading meta-analyses.
  • As we wait for participants to join the call, give them the opportunity to give a brief answer to “What are meta-analyses used for in neuroimaging?” in a Google Form. The answers will be visualized in a word cloud using pre-prepared code, and we’ll share the word cloud when the lecturer talks about the uses of meta-analyses.
  • We will conclude with 5 minutes for participant questions.