The Neuroinformatics and Brain Connectivity (NBC) Laboratory is a cognitive neuroimaging research lab based at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, led by Drs. Angela Laird and Matthew Sutherland.

The NBC Lab is located on FIU’s MMC Campus in the Academic Health Center 4 building (AHC-4 Room 380).

The NBC Lab uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), combined with functional connectivity, meta-analysis, and neuroinformatics approaches, to study the functional organization of the human brain.

Our work focuses on understanding brain function in the context of substance use, adolescent development, and educational learning. To achieve these goals, we embrace open science principles and adopt best practices to promote reproducible neuroimaging results. If you would like to know more about specific projects, you are welcome to visit us on GitHub and the Open Science Framework. For more about the NBC Lab, please see our Lab Handbook.

Miami is a vibrant, multicultural, and multilingual urban metropolis. Collectively, the NBC Lab seeks to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment that provides opportunities to support a diverse group of trainees, while engaging with participant groups who have been historically underrepresented in research, including communities of color.

Published 16 Apr 2024
Published 29 Mar 2024
Methods for decoding cortical gradients of functional connectivity
Peraza JA, Salo T, Riedel MC, Bottenhorn KL, Poline J-B, Dockès J, Kent JD, Bartley JE, Flannery JS, Hill-Bowen LD, Lobo RP, Poudel R, Ray KL, Robinson JL, Laird RW, Sutherland MT, de la Vega A, Laird AR, Imaging Neuroscience 2 :1-32 (2024).
Published 02 Feb 2024
An interconnected set of open source tools for large-scale meta-analysis.
How do individuals with high functioning autism spectrum disorder perform social processing?
How do adolescents perform effort-based decision making?
What can we learn from dense sampling of individuals?
A Python library for mixed-effects meta-regression (including meta-analysis).
A Python package for neuroimaging meta-analysis that provides a shared syntax for a range for algorithms.

Dr. Laird was inducted into the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering College of Fellows

Posted 02 Apr 2024

Dr. Laird, Julio, Donisha, and Chloe attend GSAW 2024 at FIU.

Posted 01 Apr 2024

Graduate student Taylor Salo has successfully defended his dissertation

Posted 27 Jun 2022

Graduate student Brianna Pankey has successfully defended her dissertation

Posted 03 Nov 2021

Graduate student Katie Bottenhorn has successfully defended her dissertation

Posted 24 Jun 2021