The Neuroinformatics and Brain Connectivity (NBC) Laboratory focuses on characterizing activation within and between brain regions among healthy individuals and those diagnosed with neuropsychiatric disorders. With emphasis on development of data analysis algorithms, neuroscience informatics tools, and neuroimaging ontologies, the Lab’s mission is to enhance understanding of (dys)functional brain networks in health and disease. Improved understanding of such brain networks may impact educational trajectories for students (e.g., Exploring the Neural Mechanisms of Physics Learning), as well as treatment outcomes for patients (e.g., Impact of HIV and Cannabis on Brain Function). Through our various projects, the Lab aims to address real-world issues. If you would like to know more about specific projects, you are welcome to visit us on GitHub and the Open Science Framework.

Published 17 Jun 2019
Effects of cannabinoid administration for pain: A meta-analysis and meta-regression
Yanes JA, McKinnell ZE, Reid MA, Busler JN, Michel JS, Pangelinan MM, Sutherland MT, Younger JW, Gonzalez R, Robinson JL, Exp Clin Psychopharmacol (2019).
Published 23 May 2019
No evidence for a bilingual executive function advantage in the nationally representative ABCD study
Dick AS, Garcia NL, Pruden SM, Thompson WK, Hawes SW, Sutherland MT, Riedel MC, Laird AR, Gonzalez R, Nat Hum Behav (2019).
Published 20 May 2019
How do individuals with high functioning autism spectrum disorder perform social processing?
How do adolescents perform effort-based decision making?
What can we learn from dense sampling of individuals?
A new, independently developed fork of the bctpy library.
A new frontend for Brainspell and a resource to facilitate neuroimaging meta-analysis.
A Python package for neuroimaging meta-analysis that provides a shared syntax for a range for algorithms.

Katie and Taylor receive Trainee Travel Awards for the 2019 BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting

Posted 13 Apr 2019

Dr. Michael Riedel, Dr. Matthew Sutherland, and Jessica Flannery were awarded funding to support a supplemental pilot project for ACE.

Posted 22 Mar 2019

On January 23rd, The ACE Project team welcomed over 70 attendees to their first event of 2019 in collaboration with Miami-Dade County public schools.

Posted 23 Jan 2019

Dr. Jessica Bartley graduates!

Posted 09 Jan 2019

NBC Lab Cognitive Neuroscience graduate students have all successfully defended their masters theses!

Posted 31 Oct 2018