Source Code
Hands-on tutorial with NiMARE

Salo T, HBM (2021).

Educational Course - Half Day (4 hours)


15 min checking participants’ tutorial installation + 45 min tutorial

Learning outcome

Be able to run basic coordinate-based and image-based meta-analyses in Python

Points to cover

  • Briefly remind participants of the landscape of meta-analysis methods (image vs coordinate).
  • Give a brief overview of NiMARE, the Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment.
  • Have participants do the coordinate-based meta-analyses on 21 pain studies, briefly explaining each method (e.g., visualize the different kernels)
  • Have participants do the image-based meta-analyses on 21 pain studies, briefly explaining each method
  • Show which methods can be adapted to correct for different things, such as weighting studies by their sample size.
  • Focus on teaching participants when to use different methods and how to interpret them, as opposed to the mathematical details of each method.

Interactive components

  • Participants will be able to run the tutorial on their own machine, so this component of the course will be entirely interactive.
  • We will devote the first 15 minutes to checking that everyone has everything they need installed in order to run the tutorial on their own machine. As this comes right after the break, those who already have everything installed may simply have a longer break.
  • We will have at least two other instructors monitoring the chat in order to address issues that come up for individuals.