DIVA is a 3-month longitudinal study in which we acquired weekly neuroimaging and electrophysiological data, in addition to biweekly endocrine, neuropsychological, and actigraphic data for a small sample of ~3 participants to capture fluctuations in the brain, sleep, exercise, mood, and stress over the course of three complete menstrual cycles. Participants completed twice-weekly self-report questionnaires about their sleep, exercise, mood, stress, contraceptive use, and physical state; weekly 2-hour MRI sessions, including an assortment of cognitive tasks in addition to naturalistic movie-watching, resting, and structural scans, with concurrent electrocardiogram, electrodermal activity, and respiration recordings; twice-weekly vocal recordings; and twice weekly saliva sample collection, for measuring hormones. Additionally, participants wore FitBit activity trackers for the duration of the study, which provide measures of heart rate, sleep, exercise, etc. daily over the course of the study. These data will provide an insight into sources of variability in brain structure and function, across cognitive and behavioral contexts, as well as how they interact over the course of everyday life.

DIVA was launched in February 2020 and was unfortunately discontinued in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.